About Us

Hello Friends

Welcome to RMPathshala! My name is (Ramesh – Manik)! I’m a About my blog page with a passion for Education.

I started RMPathshala with the idea of helping A person who is interested to gain knowledge like yourself, by offering Blogging.

If you are like me then you like to be as productive as possible

Don’t worry I’ve got you covered!

I am committed to

  • providing quality service
  • focusing on finding you the best Blogging
  • In RMPathshala, all the posts you will get in Hindi language so you do not have any trouble in reading and you can read and understand well.
  • In RMPathshala, you will get information about education, career, health, jobs, technology and facts.

Please contact me if you need any help with the site at all!

Thank you,